Meet TA Bellmond

TA Bellmond is a junior human wrangler by day and a word wrangler by night. Her creative writing journey began as a child in a mining town in the hot interior of Western Australia, miles from the nearest coast. Ironically, her mum kept a poem she wrote in primary school about walking on the beach. After a cringe-worthy attempt at fantasy novel writing in senior high school, she didn’t look at writing again until in her forties when her love of gay romance lured her back to the keyboard. Success in an online writing community convinced her to unleash her bossy imaginary friends on the world. Fantasy is still on the menu for the future, but it will come with a healthy dose of gorgeous men who love men.

Her daughter cooks better than her, her son has better hair, her two cats rule the house, and she’s constantly at war with ducking autocorrect, but she takes awesome photos. Her soulmate is out there somewhere pushing on a pull-door.